What is Cara Platform? Why Cara app?

Artists Protect Your Work in the Age of AI

As artists we pour our hearts and souls into our creations! We spend countless hours honing our skills, experimenting with different styles and expressing ourselves through our art. However, in the age of artificial intelligence a new challenge has emerged protecting our work from being scraped and used to train AI models without our permission.

This can lead to the creation of AI generated art that imitates or even copies our original works. This not only devalues our art but also infringes on our copyrigh, potentially harming our livelihoods and creative freedom.

This is why "Cara app". Cara is a first revolutionary social media and portfolio platform built by and for artists. We're passionate about protecting your artwork from AI scraping, so you can share your creations freely and confidently. Join the community and let your art shine!

CARA Claims:

  • We do not agree with generative AI tools in their current unethical form, and we won’t host AI-generated portfolios unless the rampant ethical and data privacy issues around datasets are resolved via regulation.

  • In the event that legislation is passed to clearly protect artists, we believe that AI-generated content should always be clearly labeled, because the public should always be able to search for human-made art and media easily.

Here is what sets Cara apart:

1. AI Image Detection: Tired of AI-generated art flooding your feed? Cara has an innovative AI detector that automatically filters out AI-generated images from portfolios. This ensures that you're surrounded by genuine human creativity.

2. Customizable Home Feed: Take control of what you see! Cara allows you to personalize your home feed by adjusting the ratio of posts from people you follow, their network, and site-wide content. This way, you can tailor your experience to discover new artists and stay connected with your favorites.

3. Seamless Portfolio and Social Feed: Cara offers a seamless blend of social media and portfolio functionality. You can easily switch between sharing memes, reposting content, and showcasing your work in a dedicated portfolio section. This allows you to present your artistic side and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

4. Effortless Uploading: Uploading your art shouldn't be a hassle. Cara's upload process is designed to be simple and efficient. Just attach your image, hit post, and you're done! You can also add information to your portfolio entries, but all fields are optional.

5. Custom Crop Tool: Say goodbye to awkward thumbnail previews! Cara's upload panel features a built-in crop tool, allowing you to choose how your post covers appear. This ensures that your work is always presented in the best light.

6. Expressive Posts: Cara allows you to express yourself with up to 1200 characters of text per post. You can also edit your posts if you make a mistake giving you the freedom to refine your message.

7. Animated Gif Covers: Cara embraces the power of animation, allowing artists to showcase their work through animated gif covers. This is a beta feature with exciting potential, and the platform is also exploring video embeds for even more creative expression.

8. Community Discussions: Cara fosters a sense of community, reminiscent of the early days of online art spaces. The "Latest discussions" section on the home feed provides a platform for artists to connect, share ideas, and engage in meaningful conversations.

9. Mobile App: Take your art experience on the go! Cara offers a convenient mobile app that you can easily add to your home screen. This allows you to stay connected, upload your work, and engage with the community from anywhere.

10. Jobs Board: Cara is committed to empowering artists and connecting them with opportunities. The platform features a dedicated Jobs Board where companies can search for and hire talented human artists. With AI detection filtering out AI-generated work, companies can be confident that they're finding genuine human talent.

11. Cara is totally free to use and anyone can hop on board without needing an invitation. It's built and maintained by a dedicated bunch of volunteers who pour their hearts into making it awesome. If you want to show your appreciation you can always "Buy Them a Coffee" to help keep the platform running smoothly.

To connect with the art community head over to cara.app and create your account today!

Learn more about Cara HERE!

In my next blog:

I'll share tips on how to protect your artwork from AI image scraping. This will allow you to post on any social media platform without worrying about your art being used for AI training. Stay tuned for more! Share your thoughts below and subscribe for updates.

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